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We Grow Green Tech is a leading growth and impact platform focusing on accelerating early-stage green technology companies during their traction phase. We are aligned with United Nation Sustainable goals and focus on emerging markets. We work with exciting companies developing solutions from digital technologies to biomimicry and regenerative nature sciences.


These start-ups have hands-on in market studies and strategy, potential client outreach, branding for talented interns, providing diverse internship opportunities. Possible internship also include ambassador roles for WGGT various social and green initiatives.


The strong relationship WGGT maintains with leading academic institutions and organizations allows it to tap into  similar or parallel programs. Through our successful programs, interns were able to find new career opportunities and receive a rewarding practical experience.

INTERN 1.jpeg

"Hélène is a vibrant and positive force for good in the professional sustainability world. ...From the very inception of my time with We Grow Green Tech, I felt inspired by the intelligent and talented team she recruited, as well as supported by each of the colleagues she found similar potential in. During the 5 months I spent as her social media specialist, Hélène was always on top of her work, in tune with her employees' needs, and supportive of the work I was doing...I will always be grateful to her for expanding my network and giving me so many opportunities to learn about eco-friendly technology and new strategies for innovation. Brava!"




"It is rare to come across a standout talent who is ridiculously efficient and committed as is Helene. I had the pleasure of working with Helene for RainIons since June’20, helping her with market research and business development. I was always in awe of Helene’s ability to command a room and get people to align behind an idea or task – even those people who were initially on a completely different page. Helene is precise, diligent, and dedicated to any task as I learned working for her. Any employee would be lucky to have Helene as a leader, she completely earns as well as deserves my highest recommendation."



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"Hélène is a passionate leader who continues to inspire me to explore the world of green technology during my virtual internship. She is enthusiastic in connecting nature-lovers and entrepreneurs from around the world. She is always open for new ideas and she never fails to link people’s interests and skills with their work, making the hours I spent working on my research an enjoyable learning experience. Hélène creates an extremely inclusive community where I, a high-school student new to the profession, feel empowered to contribute to We Grow Green Tech."



INTERN 5.jpeg

"It was a pleasure working with Helene at We Grow Green Tech. She has always supported my creativity and enthusiasm to learn. The projects, I worked on with Helene were full of great insights into the industry as a whole, which gave me confidence and skills to succeed in my role. She is a good leader and innovative thinker who is an inspiration to me. We Grow Green Tech helped me to advance my analytical and leadership skills with real business challenges. It helped me to learn and implement business solutions efficiently. This experience would be a great addition to my future roles."

INTERN 4.jpeg

"Helene was my superior at We Grow Green Tech; she mentored me and a few others on how to effectively implement brand management and work with other startups. Helene offered me great advice and feedback on projects I was working on while also giving me the freedom to let my creativity flow. She was very organized and ensured every member got to share what they were working on and showed her appreciation for each. As an outstanding female leader, Helene's accomplishments inspired me to work hard both during the internship and in my personal life. I highly recommend choosing Helene as a leader for your next internship, as she offers great mentorship that you cannot find elsewhere."


"Supervising me over the course of my time with We Grow Green Tech, Hélène has been instrumental in developing my professional confidence, ability to lead and manage others and helping me carry forth innovations in aiding the company directly in diversifying it's outreach potential. As a mentor for this Internship, she has demonstrated a continual motivational outlook on tasks, diligence in her professional conduction, and a tireless work ethic towards going beyond the mission of the company. Whilst working under her, I feel this has come into it's own, when efficiency and innovation are of the utmost importance."







INTERN 2.jpeg

"It has been a pleasure working at We Grow Green Tech for Hélène. She is very passionate about her job and she is a good leader who inspired me. She was very helpful, open for new ideas and she made me feel part of the team immediately. She was able to provide useful feedbacks for my personal and professional growth."


"Working with WGGT not only helped me gain experience with the industry and grow my network but also helped build my confidence that I could overcome unique and difficult challenges. Helene is a great, empathetic manager and everyone was wonderful to work with while being consummate professionals."

INTERN 3.jpeg

"It has been a great pleasure working with Hélène for my internship at We Grow Green Tech...It was my very first internship and the way she put all trust in my abilities instilled me with confidence to be successful in my role. While working with her, she always provides handy feedback on the projects I was working on. She not only helps find ways for the members to develop new skills with their work and creates an enjoyable working community, but she is also open to new ideas. Hélène is a great example of being a remarkable female leader full of inspiration. She is kind-hearted, supportive, and organized. I am extremely grateful to her for giving me a chance to contribute to We Grow Green Tech. I highly recommend choosing Hélène as a leader!"







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