We Grow Green Tech

Accelerating green tech Growth for environmental, Social and economic Change



We Grow Green Tech is a result-driven management consulting firm. As a benefit corporation, our mission is to propagate green technology to create a long-term environment, social and economic impact. We execute on this mission by building and managing a portfolio comprised of green technology startups providing a practical solution to an existing environmental problem.

Green technology is defined as technology whose use is intended to mitigate or reverse the effects of human activity on the environment. Green Technology includes innovative new products and methods from reducing, recycling to regenerating in the fields of energy, water, food and many others. Green Technology represents a unique way to refine existing technology to develop convenient, measurable, connected solutions for a better economy, society and future.

Based on consumer trends, technology maturation and market sizes, we defined six verticals to include technologies providing a solution for each of these verticals. We partner and work actively with leading early-stage companies for each of these categories.

Our focus is on green technology startups developing convenient, smart, cost-effective solutions based on Internet Of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, Image Recognition, Predictive APIs, Big Data, Biotechnology, Biomaterials and Biomimicry.


Renewable Energy

Solar, Wind, and other Sources

Infrastructure and Grid

Advanced Materials


Plastic Economy

Bio-based Alternatives

Recycling Solutions

Microplastic Sensing Technology


Food System

Regenerative Agriculture

Precision Farming

Consumer Products


Waste Solutions

Waste Sorting and Collection


Smart Water Saving Solutions


Ocean Ecosystem

Regenerative Technology

Water conservation

Sustainable fishing


Green Building

Regenerative Buildings

Bio-based Materials

Smart Cities


Passion, Patience, Persistence

Our team is truly diversified: we combine gender, competencies and experience while sharing the same passion of serving as an instrument of change for our environment. Years of expertise in technology, economics and green sustainability paired with an innovative development mindset allows us to consider different perspectives, strategies and latest trends to create differentiation while optimizing growth.

Core Team


Helene Thibieroz

Senior Managing Partner


Ernest Gonzales

Managing Partner



We are committed to actively expand green technology environmental, economic and societal impact. We help high yield green tech startups become successful by working closely with each partner to establish strong roots, accelerate growth and build a long-lasting relationship based on trust.

We are highly adaptable and deliver a flexible business solution specific to the company needs. Because we believe in sharing the risk with our partners, our business model is based on performance and success metrics to maximize growth. Our approach is a hands-on, laser focused and result-driven partnership.


Financial Foundation

With 25 years in corporate finance, public and private markets, we assist start-ups in analyzing, evaluating and identifying financing needs from operational to capital. We leverage our existing and growing network of individuals and organizations to facilitate the appropriate  financing with a broad spectrum of possibilities.


Business Strength

With more than twenty years of combined expertise in technology, management, marketing and sales, we provide: operational and organizational review; business strategy recommendations; marketing and business development services. This includes serving as interim management in finance, business strategy, operations and marketing when necessary. 


Green Conduit

We believe in a connected world. Through our green technology ecosystem and verticals, we connect our early-stage and late-stage partners to financial channels and revenue pipelines.


For more information on our business model, deliverables and growth and impact metrics, please contact us.


We Grow Green Tech's approach is to build a growth-driven long-lasting ecosystem. This ecosystem includes leading early-stage companies, financial institutions and social media collaborative platforms. We work closely with each company to establish strong roots, accelerate growth and build a long-lasting relationship based on trust. 



Strategic Business Partners


 In construction - March 2019


At H2O ad Demeter, we believe in leveraging technology to provide solutions to today’s environmental and sustainability problems. We believe in creating a strong community to collaborate on green technology. We strive to grow our startup partners from a seed to a successful venture.

Please contact us and let us know your needs.

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