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MaNaBu Movement (MNBM) aims to empower children to become advocates for a kinder and sustainable future.  MNBM projects make children grow, glow, and collaborate, boosting their confidence, and their communication and problem solving skills (divergent thinking), as well as their understanding of the importance of circularity, gratefulness, humility, and empathy.  MNBM supports children around the world to unite, to collaborate, and to make an impact.

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An innovation platform where we can all freely imagine the future inventions that may change the current climate course, benefiting the planet, people everywhere, and our future prospects. With Planetary Futurist, we invite everyone to contribute speculative fictions and the inventions they suggests. The result is a kind of applied, practical futurism powered by thinkers, dreamers, technologists, creators, entrepreneurs, and inventors. Like you. The project is a collaboration between Headcanon, led by our brilliant buddhist gangster Ron Martinez and WeGrowGreenTech, led by Helene Thibieroz, to promote new ideas aligned with a better future.



The Cities of Tomorrow (CoT) is a future cities-based teen entrepreneurship platform by Worldview with the mission of building a Generation of Solvers that champion the cause of Urban Sustainability.  CoT global Gen-Z Solvers’ Pathfinding and Impact Platform aims to channelize the untapped potential of the Gen-Z and the educational community to become Primary Engines of Positive Change and channelize their passion towards creating an impact in their local surroundings that in tandem will create a sustainable world.



Green Planet Films advocates environmental education, with an emphasis on film, to an evolving global audience. We connect and engage viewers with filmmakers dedicated to documenting the precarious relationships between nature and humanity.

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The Pearl Token project supports ocean conservation by enabling the sale & resale of digital NFTs. Each NFT corresponds to an individual oyster, sustainably farmed in French Polynesia. The project is a collab. between Invention Arts, led by Ron Martinez, who has built the redeemable attachment NFT platform that Pearl Token will operate on; Kamoka Pearls, the renowned, sustainable pearl cultivator based in French Polynesia; and Dr. Lauren Cartier, PhD, chief scientist of the Swiss Gemological Institute and a cofounder of the Sustainable Pearls Foundation, sponsored by Tiffany. We Grow Green Tech, and the Gray Area Foundation of the Arts, will collaborate in the production of audiovisually rich Pearl Token NFTs.


Ocean Hackathon® is a 48-hour challenge that aims to address the ocean’s greatest challenges by enhancing the value of marine and maritime data through innovation. In a team of 3 to 8 participants develop a prototype, build a business plan, refine your pitch and do your best to be chosen to represent your city during the Grand Finale in France. This initiative us a collaboration between the French Office for Science and Technology and the Sustainable Ocean Alliance. We Grow Green Tech, led by Helene Thibieroz will provide mentoring and possible innovation avenues.

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TERRA is dedicated to eliminating hazardous e-waste from contaminating the air, land and water by diverting used electronics to the care of responsible e-waste recycling service providers. TERRA's mission is to maximize the sustainable reuse and recycling of natural resources to improve the health and quality of life for future generations.

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Naturally Austin is a community organization whose mission is to foster sustainable and responsible practices, stimulate conscious growth, entrepreneurship and exceptional leadership in the Central Texas natural and consumer products community. We Grow Green Tech is partnering with Naturally Austin  to assist with green entrepreneurship concepts and educational content.

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Saudi Aramco led Innovation Ecosystem society has launched a project to conceive the F1 of tomorrow. We Grow Green Tech, led by Helene Thibieroz, will be providing mentoring and innovation avenues for sustainable advanced material and engine/exhaust technology.

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